Acupuncture treatment is when needles are inserted on a person’s different parts of the body. It helps in so many ways and has got so much popularity in recent years. Spas also give this treatment to people and it looks kind of different from other treatments. These needles help us in so many ways it balances our energy and give us so many other benefits. It provides pain relief and people say it does that by balancing vital energy and some say it does that by neurological effect. But so many people go to spas and clinics to get acupuncture treatment because undoubtedly it works. 

It is believed to be originated around 100BC in China. It is one of the oldest practices of Chinese old traditional medicine. Then this way of treating a person came into knowledge of others and it got popular among other people. 

So many researches have been conducted to know how acupuncture treatment really work but it is still not that clear. One of the well known research centers called Nation center for complementary and integrated health (NCCIH) conducted a research to know how acupuncture treatment works and according to them there is a little proof for acupuncture to be affective on other many areas than pain. 

It gives many other health benefits and improves body functions and promotes natural self healing process of the human body by stimulating specific acupuncture points.  It also successfully treats conditional ranging from musculoskeletal problems, whether the problem is back, neck pain and other pains or its nausea, migraine headache and depression. 

Acupuncture treatment is provided by so many spas all over the world because of its benefits and other important uses. fertility acupunture dubai is provided by many clinics but some of them are Dr. Tang acupuncture clinic, TCM Acupuncture Therapy Center etc. 

Other than acupuncture, if you want to just relax for a few minutes, then you should go for a massage. Massage is a process of rubbing and kneading the body slowly with hands, a strong and gentle pressure is applied by massager on the body muscles and parts. It releases pain, stress and tension. foot reflexology massage is provided by Rainbow Therapeutic Massage, MOE Therapy Center, Maple Therapeutic Massage Center in Dubai.