One of the major bases of gum diseases is the plaque which forms from bacteria attaching to the teeth and gradually multiplying in number. This plaque can cause inflammation to the gum tissues resulting in a gum disease. Usually at a very early stage, gum diseases can be cured by brushing twice a day and flossing regularly to fight off the germs and bacteria causing inflammation and different diseases. When plaque forms in teeth it is important to clean off the surface and take care of oral hygiene by eliminating it from the surface of teeth. If plaque caused by food debris is left untreated the condition can worsen up for which it is important to consult a gum specialist in Dubai in order to avoid that.

There can be several problems caused if the inflamed gum is left untreated such as bleeding and periodontal pocket. This can lead to periodontal disease which is basically the movement and multiplication of bacteria reaching to the gums and even below it. It’s a dangerous condition in which gum pockets can be highly affected paving its path to the roots of teeth infecting it along the way resulting in loss of tooth or a gum surgery as well. The whole infection would require to be treated or best dental implants in Dubai will have to suffice considering how far the problem has made.

It is not always important that bacteria infect everyone the same way. Sometimes it only affects the upper surface while other times due to carelessness it can penetrate deep into the roots. The bigger the issue the bigger the surgery it will require.

Once patient is done with the surgery they will have to make sure that they take all the precautionary measures to avoid the return of disease for which surgeon will suggest them a few things. From toothpaste to mouthwash and toothbrush to floss, everything needs to be consulted and approved so that good care of teeth and gums is ensured. Patients are suggested not to take the surgery lightly as gums cannot undergo it again and again. Whenever patients feel the symptoms they are suggested to book an appointment as quick as possible so the roots of it can be determined.