Whenever you listen the story of Pharaoh, I am sure you would think about River Nile and how he faced death in that river and ended up with dreaming of visiting Sahara desert with family to explore its life and culture, instead of going for best desert safari in Dubai every year.

However, the desert is not made to visit but yeas, its river is jaw-dropping.

Do you want to know about it?

If yes, then read below!

  1. Although it is the longest river, there is debate that Amazon river is longer than Egypt’s river.
  2. The river flows from 11 countries which includes Egypt, Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Sudan, Eritrea and Uganda.
  3. It has two main tributaries or branches: While Nile and Blue Nile. White Nile originates from South Sudan while the second one begins in Ethiopia. The two branches merge in Sudan’s Khartoum and flow into Egypt and ended up in Mediterranean Sea.
  4. It discharges 680,000 gallons of water in each second.
  5. In past, around 5000 years ago, people used to rely on it because it has freshwater. Egyptian civilization’s transportation system was based on Nile and their farming as carried out via River Nile.
  6. Since 10,000 years, river is flooded in every August due to which thick and fertile soil is left on lands near the river due to which crops can be grown. That’s the reason why Egyptians were able to live there! However, the river do not flood anymore because a dam is built on it. Aswan High Dam now irrigates the land and provides home to live life there.
  7. Still, 95 percent of Egyptians are dependent on River Nile to live their life and most of them live few miles away from this source of freshwater.
  8. There are many animals live in the river which includes hippos, turtles, snakes and Nile crocodiles.
  9. Every year, Egyptians celebrate two week long Wafaa an-Nil to celebrate the natural flooding of the river which resulted in growth of Egyptian civilization in the past.
  10. The river was called as Ar or Aur which means black because black sediments were left after the flooding in River Nile.
  11. According to Egyptian and their old mythology, Hapi was the god of River Nile. Therefore, they used to thank Hapi after the annual flooding of it.
  12. There is Black area next to River Nile and Red Land after Black Area. It is the part of a desert.

So, these are some facts and basics about River Nile which will leave to think about Nile and its desert. But, don’t think too much about it and enjoy your upcoming morning desert safari Dubai!