Canada is a country which is situated in the northern part of north America. It is said to be the second largest country in the world when it comes to area. It has ten provinces and three territories which are extended from the Atlantic to the Pacific and the northward into the Arctic ocean which covers 9.98 million square kilometers. If you are planning to go to Canada and you might have some spare time to take adventurous trips but you don’t know much about the country, then this is the article for you because we have narrowed down list of places that makes Canada. If you search on Google that what is the best place to visit in Canada, then the first place you will see is Niagara Falls. This place is best when you visit in June and August but don’t be disappointed if you travel there in winters, the view will be mesmerizing, you will get a chance to witness the water formed in crystal. You can also get immigration to Australia from India.

Speaking of winters, if you visit there in winters, and if you are feeling adventurous then it is best that you visit Whistler, this can be your next big and perfect ski resort. This is the largest ski resort in the north America. This place has snow, throughout the year, and if you want to dive in thick snow, it is best to visit in December and March. And if you want to ski just a little bit, then it is best to visit in June and August. If you want to see the old town of Canada, the visit the Quebec City and explore the French influence. You can visit any Canadian consulate in India.

If you want to visit the best city of Canada, then it is recommended that you visit the St. John’s, this will also be your artistic retreat. This is a city which has small and old-fashioned houses and all of them are of different and vibrant colors. It is also called the mini San Francisco. If you want to escape the city rush and take a time off and feel the open breeze, then you must visit the Tofino, this is the water lover’s paradise. It is a kind of small island with the most clear water you will ever see.