Everyone wants to have better lifestyles and jobs. That’s the reason why people study and apply for immigration. The citizens of developing countries apply for Australian, British, and Canadian visas usually. Canada is the best place to move but there are some things which you should read to know how to become permanent residents there. Read below to get knowledge about Canadian immigration. 

  1. Before going to the offices of immigration consultants in Chennai for Canada, it is important to take the quiz to know if you are a citizen of Canada. It is possible to have the status of citizenship of the country if your parents or grandparent have lived there for some time. Therefore, do not take the risk and take the quiz to ensure your citizenship. 
  2. It will be easier for people to apply for a visa when they are 18 years old or more than 18 years old otherwise the country would not allow them to move unless their parents are moving too. Their parents have to come with them and fill their forms to permit them to go there for the whole life.  
  3. Canada is always in need of skilled workers. That’s why you can send your immigration application in Express Entry. It is the immigration tracking system of the country. The system will judge and rate your skills. You will be invited to move there as a permanent resident if you will be at in the top rankings of all applicants. 
  4. Beside Express Entry, you can apply there for permanent residence or become the permanent resident by using numerous ways. You can invest money there as an entrepreneur or ask Canadian family members to help you out. Moreover, there is an option of Quebec as well to get a life-time residence there. Permanent residents can live anywhere and enjoy all rights but they cannot vote and are not allowed to high-security-needed jobs. 
  5. There are two national languages in Canada: French and English. A foreigner is required to have mastery in one of them. They should be fluent enough to converse with someone for a short time. A person should be able to describe himself or herself in that language. 
  6. The government will not give you citizenship instantly. You have to live there for six years at least to get the status of citizens.  The citizens can vote, get employment at high-security companies, and all other rights. 

So, these are a few things that you should know before applying for a Canadian visa. You can consult Australian immigration consultants in Chennai to move Australia because it is also a good place.